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Thanks for taking the time to view some of my images. I hope you will find something of yourself in these images. You will certainly find me here.

When I am in the right frame of mind, the world presents itself to me--it taps me on the shoulder and says, "Hey, look at me!" and I feel that the least I can do is to pay attention.

A great photographer and friend, Jack Wild, calls what he does "The Art of Seeing." The more I think about that deceptively simple phrase, the more I realize that he has gotten it exactly right. The quest of the photographer, and perhaps the visual artist in general, is to see. To see what he sees in the way that he sees it, and to capture it, if he is successful, so that others may share his vision. "This," his image will invariably say, "is what it is to be human." Or, it may say, "This is what the world is like for us." Or, it may say, "This is our inhumanity."

Another great photographer named Jack-- Jack Klein, my fiance and my mentor in photography, once said that he never saw a landscape that was memorable. I think what he meant was that, for him, all memorable photographs must have a human element. I have to agree. I love a grand landscape, but for me, it becomes meaningful when a person or something that alludes to a person is added.

Like Jack, my main interest is in people,--their joys, their frustrations, their attempts to relate, their failures to relate, their foolishness, their dignity, their sorrows, their transcendence, their indominable spirit.

People are endlessly fascinating. They are everywhere. Billions of 'em. They are us. We are they. Hey, People--Here's lookin' at you, kid.

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2.Mike Harris(non-registered)
Is this the same Diane I know? I was searching for you on Facebook and up popped Zenfolio
Bonjour Diane,

Thanks for sharing your view with me. Nice to better know you through your pictures ! Hope to see you again.

Take care.
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